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Babe Ruth 14


Age: 14 & 15 with birth date cut off defined by national rule (currently April 30)
Philosophy: The Babe Ruth 14/15 Program participates in the Dane County League and has both state and national affiliations.  Depending on the number of registered players, the League Director will determine the number of teams that will be formed.  A number of options are available including 15 and 14 levels or a combined 14/15 year old team.  The Majors program requires major commitment by players and parents.  The Majors team will participate in the highest league level that Dane County offers, as well as weekend state wide tournaments including the state tournament.  The team would play in a League that consists of team from western Dane County and Iowa County and will enter up to three (3) area tournaments plus the state tournament if desired.
Season: The season begins in late May.  Games are Monday and Thursday evenings beginning at 6 PM in most cases.  Teams will practice 2 to 4 times per week prior to the season starting and then usually once or twice during the season.  Two league games are played during the week.  These teams will participate in weekend tournaments as the league schedule permits.
The Dane County League is completed the 2nd week in July.  All Dane County teams have an open invitation to advance to the State Tournament which is usually the 3rd week in July.  State Tournament winners advance to the Ohio Valley regional tournaments held in late July and early August.  Regional Champions advance to National Championships held in late August.
Team Composition: Players are selected for the Majors Team through an evaluation process.  Participating in the evaluations does not guarantee that a player will be placed on the Team.  The evaluations are held in early April in order to meet state and national deadlines for submitting rosters.  Teams will have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15 players on their roster.  Teams are allowed to add players to complete a maximum roster of 15 for the post season.  The added players may be from other League teams.


• Games are played on Monday and Thursday typically
• Any player kicked out of a game is suspended for the next game
• Games not played count as ½ win ½ loss. Must have 9 players to start game
• 10 run rule after 5 innings
• Will be using the full Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth website for scheduling and reporting scores
• $200.00 when arriving at State Tournament. Need to know by June 14th. All teams are eligible
• 14 year old state tournament
• 15 year old state tournament
• Babe Ruth patches are required on left arm of jersey
• Certifications for managers and coaches are required
• Background checks for all levels – Babe Ruth League, Inc. programs nationwide are required to annually conduct a background check on all managers, coaches, board of directors’ members, as well as any other persons and volunteers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams
• Rule Change – Rule 8.05(c) – Requires the pitcher, while touching his plate, to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base. If a pitcher turns or spins off of his free foot without actually stepping or if he turns his body and throws before stepping, it is a balk
• April 30th is the cut-off date for age
• Pitching Limitations – 7 innings per week
• Bat Rule – The bat may not exceed 34” in length, and the barrel may not exceed 2 5/8” in diameter. All aluminum/alloy barrels and all composite handle (only) aluminum/alloy barrel bats are allowed. Only composite barrel bats certified and marked BBCOR .50 will be allowed.
• Rule Change – EP (extra player (formally the “EH” extra hitter). Prior to beginning each tournament game, a team may elect to add a 10th hitter to the batting order. This position CANNOT be added once the game has started nor can it be eliminated. If you start with 10 players, you must end with 10 players
• 1 Manager and 2 Coaches only in the dugout
• Anyone warming up a pitcher must have a mask including coaches
• Umpires, Managers, and Coaches – no cell phones on the field
• Contact Rule – If a runner attempts to reach homeplate or another base intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of homeplate or a base, he will be called out and ejected from the game

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